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COTV Video Series

Cooking off the Vine videos are a culmination of local and global travel introducing food, spirits and entertainment of various cultures.  We interview our local businesses and discuss the flavors and dishes that quench the palate then fuse the travels that are relatively close in nature to our local venues. The passion behind the filming was brought forth in each episode. The episodes were carefully selected to cohesively infuse the culinary experience with the location.  These are treasures of our family travels selected to share with the viewers.   Each episode will educate and entice you to travel, visit local venues and experience the local flavors in your travels.

COTV Sizzle Reel:

COTV Cooking Classes

Each class is designed with an experience in mind.  They are themed so the culinary participation is both hands on and flavor profiled to export your palate and mind to that place or time period.  Once the cooking experience is completed you are dining family style with fellow cooks to enjoy the meal that was prepared.  You will meet new friends, experience new flavors and styles of cooking while breaking bread with one another. Find your way into our upcoming class and as a first time attendee you will be provided with a promo code for a special price.

Next Class:

Planning for the next event is underway. Stay tuned!

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