Juicing Course

We had a successful day out on the beautiful grounds of the “Hidden Oasis”. Ladies gathered around to learn how to combine fruits and veggies for a delicious, nutritious meal in a cup.

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Christmas Brunch Cooking Demo

Christmas is a time for joy and celebration.  Guests enjoyed the chicken piccata cooking demo and It was a wonderful time preparing a host table with seasonal goodies.  Seasonal fruit is always a perfect choice when your putting your menu together. Here I chose to...

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Paella Cooking Class

Everyone joined in to make the land and sea paella entrée.   Foodies were learning how to filet the poultry and prepare the seafood for our delicious Spanish dish.  My travel to Spain taught me about the various ways this entrée is prepared.  The class learned a...

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End of Summer Fruit

The end of summer is near and I will miss the seasons colorful fruit.  When I entertain for summer events, my favorite displays are the colorful platters I purchased in Europe filled with delicious locally grown fruit and vegetables.  Yellow is the color of peace and...

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Chile off the Vine

I picked up my shipment of fresh off the vine x-hot green chili from New Mexico. This chili can be roasted onsite but I chose to take it home and roast it myself. I enjoy making chili verde that can be made with vegetables or any meat you desire and it is gluten-free.

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Organic Garden & Compost Preppers

Teaching the neighborhood kids how to plant an organic garden and setting up a compost station while earning money was a “win-win” project. What is unique about an organic garden and compost?

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Artisan’s Palate

Artisan's Palate opened there doors on June 10.  My dear friend Pia Maffei has a lovely shop that houses micro-locally hand crafted items along with products that are sourced within the 100 mile radius.  It was such a treat to see the store being built from the ground...

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Organic Juicing for Minerals

Eating salads are nutritious, but juicing gives the body optimal absorption of minerals. Studies have shown that Americans are depleted of minerals.  Juicing breaks down the cells of the vegetables where all the minerals and nutrients are and we get a burst of flavor...

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Farm to Table Event Photos

Temecula Old Town was a perfect spot for our “Farm to Table” event. The jazz was superb, the guests were a delight and the weather was sunny with a warm breeze. Villa di Calabro was a lovely setting for my Eating off the Vine launch.

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